Fashion & Beauty

Follow us through our journey as we experience each seasons' fashion from NYC to Paris. Capturing the latest styles and trends off the runway and street. Fashion stops at your skin, but beauty is skin deep. We'll show you everything from classic to new age skin care products and beauty regimens, the latest make-up tips and the best kept secrets.

Wine & Dine

 From wine touring in the South of France to seeking out the finest accompaniments. See what the crème de la crème of different culture and fusion can be found from coast to coast. Whether you are wining and dining abroad, or in your own home, learn how to add that luxurious touch.

Experience our favorite places from our local spots to worldwide. The where-to guide taking you from the cobble streets in Capri to the bustling NYC. Jetset with us to exotic islands and tropical locations or experience your hidden local boutique hotels and establishments.

Jetset & Travel

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Al Porto

Capri, Italy

The Strip

Las Vegas, Nevada

South Beach

Miami, Florida

Tower 1 Ritz Carlton

Dallas, Texas